AENEA just turned ONE


"AENEA - Jewellery for Lovers" was officially founded on the 5th of September 2013.

We have designed and produced, we did exhibit and show and we are just starting.

Right now we are shooting our new collections, so stay tuned for beautiful pieces to come…

"LoveLetters" just got a 5.01ct white diamond and platinum version G-colour and vs…


Some traditions revere the
serpent as a guardian figure,
an emblem of safety.

Others see it as evil,
a symbol of temptation.

Take refuge in desire,
and you can have it both ways.

Crafted in gold and gemstones.


For lovers who wish to express
their feelings in writing,
this pair of rings spells it out
in a handscript of gold.

Crafted in gold, rhodium-plated sterling silver and diamonds.

the feeling begins
smoothly, quietly, delicately.
Yet soon rising up, turning, surging,
and suddenly breaking through in sparkling

Crafted in gold, rhodium-plated sterling silver and sapphires, emeralds or diamonds.

He said they danced ‘with one body, one soul’.
In golden homage to Rudolf Nureyev and Dame Margot Fonteyn,
this memento celebrates the power of passion and dedication.

Designed with pink tourmalines, blue tourmalines, amethysts, beryll or peridot, in gold and rhodium-plated sterling silver and diamonds

AENEA and the “art of quality”

We are sure, that the kind of quality we deliver is seldom available and rarely seen at this price range. We invented revolutionary techniques in different kinds of jewellery production. The service to ourselves is to never forget the fun and passion we have by creating and pushing the borders even further.

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